Awin Security Systems Sdn. Bhd.'s objective has always been to provide total security services. We can therefore provide and are ready to serve all our clients security needs from requirement of static guards to private investigations. Our security services are as follows:

  · Static Guards, Armed Guards & Elite Gurkha Guards  
Basic static guards services to private individuals and business premises. Our guards conduct regular perimeter patrols around private residences, factories and corporate offices.

Armed guards service for private individuals, companies and financial institutions to protect client's property and valuables. We have a total of 100 Gurkha personnel who are reowned in the world for their courage and steadfastness.

We also provide armed/unarmed escort for personal and special assignments/consignments.
  · Bodyguards & Vehicle Escort Services  
We provide training armed bodyguard / escort services on short and long term basis. They are from the ranks of ex-police personnel or trained to perform such duties.

We had in the past provided bodyguard escort services to visit middle east businessman and royalties.

We also provide armed guards escort for vehicle conveying high security documents and valuable goods for the corporate sectors.
  · Central Monitoring System (CMS)  
The Central Monitoring Station monitors our customers' premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
On an emergency situation or event, our Security Officer will communicate with customers directly and taking the appropriate action like calling the respective authorities and dispatching our response team to the site.

We cover clients from all sectors, like residential, commercial, business & others.