Duplex operation for recording and playback
Easy-to-use control panel with common VCR style function
Jog/Shuttle dial for picture-by-picture or fast/slow viewing
No tape to mange, clean or replace
Instant retrieval of stored video
On-screen menus operation
Ethernet TCP/IP connectivity for remote viewing and controlling
Pre-alarm and post-alarm process
Built-in M-JPEG compression with configurable quality
Programmed with common time-lapse speed
Two 3.5* IDE Type hard disk for storage with hot-swap tray
RS232 and RS485 for remote control
Real-time live display for all cameras
Variable recording speeds up to 30/25 pictures per second for NTSC/PAL
Alarm activated recording
CompactFlash slot for archive
Auto recording capabalities
Motion Detection capabalities
Multi language support
Up to 600GB internal storage capacity
4 matrix outputs with free adjustable sequences for each monitor and individual dwell times for each camera (9&16 channel only)