· Background - Awin Arms Sdn Bhd


Awin Arms Sdn Bhd was set up in 2003 by Y Bhg. Dato' Hj. Mohd Nordin Bin Idris, a former state of Selangor Chief Police Officer. Awin Arms Sdn Bhd was approved of a licence by the Royal Malaysia Police in 2003 to import and sell various types of firearms and ammunitions for personal and security use. The company has relationship with notable firearms trading companies based in Europe to import and distribute their full range of weapons to customers in Malaysia.

· Product Range

The mainstay of the company's business is in the sales of various types and brands of shotguns, rifles and also handguns. Among the brands of firearms that the company import and sell are from BERETTA, BENELLI, BROWING, REMINGTON, SIG SAUER, TAURUS and WALTHER.

Besides firearms the company also stock a wide range of accessories made by BERETTA, UNCLE MIKE'S and local manufacturer MAKMAK. Among them are a wide range of shooting hunting accessories like gun bags, slings cartridges belt, jackets, holsters, t-shirts and other related products that can meet the needs of weapons enthusiast and hunters.

· After Sales

We at Awin Arms Sdn Bhd provide personalized after sales service and full back up for all our valued customer. We have a well equipped weapon center at our new office building in Shah Alam, Selangor to conduct servicing of weapons bought through Awin Arms Sdn Bhd. Our weapon specialist are well trained in all manner of service and repairs on the range of weapons we sell. Valued customers can be rest assured that we will provide the best customer service to meet all their requirement after sales.

· Weapon Trainning

Awin Arms Sdn Bhd also provides necessary training on weapons use for our valued customers. Training presently is limited to enforcement related clients. The training we conduct is in relation to weapons handling and use, safety measure and basic weapon cleaning and care. These training classes are conducted at shooting ranges in the Klang Valley. However, we can extend training to individual customers should there be a demand in future.